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Brookside Community Pantry with support from Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council and Brookside Central CIO have launched Telford’s first Community Fridge. The aim of the Community Fridge is to enable residents and businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted.

The stats around food waste in the UK are shocking. The average household throws away £470 worth of food every year. Every day we throw away 220,000 loaves of bread, 5 million potatoes and 660,000 eggs. 

We commit to providing a chilled clean and safe space, monitored daily by trained volunteers. Allowing anyone to take food from the fridge space, this isn’t charity. It’s about utilising the redundant source of food in Telford and fighting against waste. Recovering the time and energy that went into producing that food, and enjoying it! 

Brookside Community Pantry
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